Thursday, July 28, 2011

ASPxGridView: How To - Creating custom delete column with image at runtime

It took me a while to find a way to a add a delete column with an embedded image so I thought it would be better in this blog for easy reference. Naturally, I wanted the confirm message before deleting as well. There seems to be 2 ways to do this:

Using the in-built Delete button: GridViewCommandColumn.DeleteButton

GridViewCommandColumn commandColumn = new GridViewCommandColumn();
commandColumn.Width = new Unit("40");
commandColumn.ButtonType = ButtonType.Image;
commandColumn.DeleteButton.Image.IsResourcePng = true;
commandColumn.DeleteButton.Image.Url = Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(typeof(xxx.Controls.DynamicGrid), @"xxx.Controls.DeleteBin.png");
commandColumn.DeleteButton.Visible = true;
commandColumn.DeleteButton.Text = "Delete"; //Tooltip
gvMyDataGrid.Columns.Add(commandColumn); // add custom column to grid
gvMyDataGrid.SettingsBehavior.ConfirmDelete = true; // display popup confirmation upon clicking delete button
gvMyDataGrid.SettingsText.ConfirmDelete = "Are you sure you want to delete this item?"; //Text you want to be displayed.  This can also be retrieved from the resource file

Or creating your own button from scratch

GridViewCommandColumn commandColumn = new GridViewCommandColumn();
commandColumn.Width = new Unit("40");
commandColumn.ButtonType = ButtonType.Image;

GridViewCommandColumnCustomButton deleteButton = new GridViewCommandColumnCustomButton();
deleteButton.Image.IsResourcePng = true;
deleteButton.Image.Url = Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(typeof(xxx.Controls.DynamicGrid), @"xxx.Controls.DeleteBin.png");
deleteButton.Visibility = GridViewCustomButtonVisibility.AllDataRows;
deleteButton.Text = "Delete";
deleteButton.ID = "cmdDelete";

commandColumn.CustomButtons.Add(deleteButton); // add custom button to new command column
//We need the next line of code to add the confirmation popup ourselves.  Notice the 'cmdDelete' parameter which is the custom delete button's ID above.
gvMyDataGrid.ClientSideEvents.CustomButtonClick = "function (s, e) { if (e.buttonID == 'cmdDelete'){ e.processOnServer = confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this item?'); }}";

//confirm() method will return the user's selection:  true if OK, false if cancel.  Therefore if return this value and set it to e.processOnServer, this will tell the button to not commit a callback if the user selects 'cancel'

In both examples I am using an embedded image as I wanted the grid to be used by just adding a reference to the DLL and not having to add the image to every project.

In order to embed the image:

  1. Go to the image's Properties.  
  2. Set Build Action to Embedded Resource
  3. Go to AssemblyInfo.cs
  4. Add using System.Web.UI; 
  5. Add [assembly: WebResource("YourNamespace.ImageFileName.png", "image/png")]
  6. Get the image url as described above Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(typeof(xxx.Controls.DynamicGrid), @"xxx.Controls.DeleteBin.png");

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  1. Being a ASP.NET Developer I will prefer to go with the first method as I think it to be much easier to deal with to create custom delete column in GridView. Scratch is even easy to follow but not in comparison to GridView.